ES 8.0 single-side sensor – mobile speed enforcement

Compact and fast

Easy handling and outstanding flexibility at the operating location: these are the key benefits of the ES 8.0 single-side sensor’s mobile application. The complete ES 8.0 single-side sensor system for speed enforcement can be carried in a transport case that fits into any passenger car or patrol vehicle.

Mobile speed enforcement by eso – your benefits:

  • An affordable system that also saves time
  • No roadside installations required
  • No need to install the system in a vehicle
  • Quickly switch from mobile to stationary measurement
  • Precise, automated speed measurements irrespective of traffic volume, terrain and vehicle classes, on multiple lanes and also in the opposite direction
  • Fully digital asynchronous measurement mode: record, photograph and save, almost in real time
  • Excellent photo quality to optimize driver and license plate identification
  • 100% wireless / encrypted WLAN transmission
  • Data can be evaluated at any desired location
  • Continuous operation for up to 8 hours without changing the battery
The mobile speed camera ES X
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