ES 8.0 single-side sensor

Our speed enforcement products: precise, universal, flexible and efficient

eso is setting new standards in mobile speed measurement with its ES 8.0 single-side sensor. We developed this innovative speed enforcement system in-house to provide measurements as conclusive legal evidence. Suitable for universal use, the complete ES 8.0 system can be deployed in two ways: as a mobile solution on a tripod or in a vehicle, and also as a stationary system installed in a fixed outer housing. Special features: the system can record different vehicle classes – including motorcycles in particular – across multiple lanes, and just one device can measure simultaneously in both directions of travel.

Based on the light barrier principle, this speed enforcement system deploys cutting-edge optical measuring technology to acquire and save reliable measurements of driving speeds and violations of permitted maximum limits. Thanks to eso's measurement technology, precise speed enforcement is possible regardless of conditions in the surrounding area, and with no need to install additional components such as induction loops or piezo sensors in the road surface. An affordable solution that also saves time! The system is operated with up to two independent 12 megapixel wireless cameras – the ideal basis for unambiguous identification of drivers and license plates on all vehicles, including motorcycles.

Users are intuitively guided through the operating steps with the help of a wireless touch-tablet. Automated measurement in "non-attentive" operating mode is included as standard.

To switch over to stationary measuring mode, the mobile system can quickly be inserted into a protective housing to keep it safe – and all the advantages of the basic mobile system are still available. Plug-and-play system setup allows frequent fast changes between different measuring points at any time. The benefit: the system can be fully utilized, round the clock.

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