Successful 7th eso forum

Successful 7th eso forum

Tettnang, 08 June 2018 - Around 200 participants accepted eso GmbH's invitation to the 7th eso Forum in Tettnang on 05 and 06 June. The two-day event focused on "Vision Zero", a Europe-wide concept aimed at reducing the number of road deaths and injuries to a minimum. In addition to live product demonstrations and valuable insights into production, the participants were able to obtain information and exchange ideas on current industry topics at numerous specialist lectures..

In Germany, around 3,000 people die in road traffic every year, and almost 390,000 are injured in accidents (see current figures from the Federal Statistical Office). eso GmbH, a company of the Kistler Group, has been committed to greater road safety for many years. One measure is the biennial eso Forum, at which the road safety experts bring together renowned representatives from the police, judiciary and business to discuss current challenges and jointly find solutions.

With around 200 participants, the seventh edition of the eso Forum was also a complete success. Christoph Münz, CEO of eso GmbH, is very pleased with the number of visitors: "The eso Forum is an important platform for us and our customers to exchange expertise, but also to jointly set important impulses for new developments. The consistently positive feedback from our customers proves the high significance of the event".

Exciting insights behind the scenes at eso
On the first day of the event, the eso in-house exhibition, visitors were able to take a look behind the scenes of the company on guided tours through the production and development departments. In numerous live demonstrations, the participants had the opportunity to inspect the new products in practical use, including the stationary ES 8.0 single-sided sensor and the FE 8.0 photo device. The photo device is now also able to detect motorcyclists with conclusive evidence - and thus increases their safety.

Weigh in Motion solutions from Kistler were another attraction at the in-house exhibition: Lineas quartz sensors from Kistler's measuring technology experts can automatically and precisely record vehicle data such as weight, overloads, vehicle class and speed in flowing traffic. In this way, the infrastructure can be protected and road safety increased.

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Divisional Marketing Manager ST
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